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HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT BY BECOMING A MEMBER:Everything listed below will be exclusive to my site. Note that I do take occasional content, suitably censored if needed, from here to give social media a peek at what's goin' down.

SEXY PHOTO/VIDEO SHOOTS! I just love these shoots! My passion to create fun and sexy images, I adore lingerie, swimwear, dresses and heels. I will always find an opportunity to get dressed up for my subscribers.

 I get very excited about making videos. Sometimes I keep it simple, and other times I get REALLY into it. I like to learn about the video making process and will experiment and play. You might get something overtly sexy one month, then something a little more subtle and personality filled the next month.

SELFIES, AND THROWBACK CONTENT "FROM THE VAULT" I am working on new stuff for you guys ALL the time, and when on the road or out of new content, it's cool, I have exclusive throwback stuff that you’ve never seen just waiting.

NUDES!!! This is only available to the members. I do this to keep my content exclusive and unshared. My nudes are on my site ONLY! Additionally, and most importantly, I believe this gives something special for those who want to contribute more, and a way for me to say thank you in a big way!